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  • desc prodotto:
    Semi-hard cheese made from sheep's milk, exclusively in Sardinia, in the two types Dolce and Mature.
    The sweet type was matured in 20/60 days while for Matured Pecorino curing time is over 2 months. Both are cylindrical shape with flat faces. Pecorino Sardo Dolc
    e has a smooth crust, white, soft, and the pasta with rare holes, has a sweet and slightly sour and is appreciated as a table cheese.
    While the Sardinian matured Pecorino has a crust that is higher from pale yellow or darker, the paste has a certain crumb and the taste is slightly spicy enough to make appreciable both table that grating.

    Hard cheese made from sheep's milk, it has the protected designation of origin since 1996, from Sardinia, Lazio and the province of Grosseto (Tuscany).
    His maturation has a minimum of five months, and its structure is very grainy and lends itself well to be grated.
  • titolo valori nutrizionali: NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G OF PRODUCT
  • energia label: Energy
  • energia valore: 1712 Kj / 413 Kcal
  • grassi label: Fat
  • grassi valore: 33,5 gr
  • grassi saturi label: of which saturated fat
  • grassi saturi valore: 23,4 gr
  • carboidrati label: Carbohydrates
  • carboidrati valore: 0
  • zuccheri label: of which sugars
  • zuccheri valore: 0
  • proteine label: Protein
  • proteine valore: 27,8 gr
  • sale label: Sodium
  • sale valore: 3,6 gr
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