Asiago Cheese

 caseificio albiero asiago

  • desc prodotto:
    Medium-cooked cheese produced with full fat milk or semi skimmed cow's milk.
    Pressed and fresh, Asiago seasoning lasts from minimum 20 days since the production and its taste is milky, mild and delicate.
    Matured Asiago is aged from approximately 60 days to 10 months for the medium matured cheese type. When Asiago is aged its flavour is strong and savoury, slightly tangy the matured type.
  • titolo valori nutrizionali: NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G OF PRODUCT
  • energia label: Energy
  • energia valore: 1612kj / 388 kcal
  • grassi label: Fat
  • grassi valore: 28,4 gr
  • grassi saturi label: of which saturated fat
  • grassi saturi valore: 18,7 gr
  • carboidrati label: Carbohydrates
  • carboidrati valore: 0
  • zuccheri label: of which sugars
  • zuccheri valore: 0
  • proteine label: Protein
  • proteine valore: 33 gr
  • sale label: Sodium
  • sale valore: 1,6 gr
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From milk of our land,
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