caseificio albiero burro

  • desc prodotto:
    Our butter is obtained by centrifugation of our whey after producing cheese. Our butter is packaged by hand in a traditional way and it is a butter natural and valuable for health and the table.
    In fact, the our butter does not increase the cholesterol and has a caloric content, the fear of butter is scientifically unfounded.
  • titolo valori nutrizionali: NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G OF PRODUCT
  • energia label: Energy
  • energia valore: 3037 Kj / 739 Kcal
  • grassi label: Fat
  • grassi valore: 82 gr
  • grassi saturi label: of which saturated fat
  • grassi saturi valore: 49 gr
  • carboidrati label: Carbohydrates
  • carboidrati valore: 0
  • zuccheri label: of which sugars
  • zuccheri valore: 0
  • proteine label: Protein
  • proteine valore: 0.2 gr
  • sale label: Sodium
  • sale valore: 0
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    • confezione 500 gr
      confezione 500 gr
    • panoni 20 kg
      panoni 20 kg
    • confezione 250 gr
      confezione 250 gr

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From milk of our land,
cheese of our home Albiero Certifications